Calling All Actors and Movers!


Let me guess, you think you’re the one actor who really is born with 2 left feet…

A little story. Long ago in high school, I was a trumpet player. The biggest band geek in my band room. If you had told me that I would go on to discover dance and then make a career out of it, I wouldn’t have known what to say because I literally didn’t have any concept of what it meant to dance and I was focused solely on being a band director.

Long story short, after entering college as a Music Education major, i changed my major to dance sophomore year. After a 3 year crash course in ballet and modern I left college with my first job as a trainee with Milwaukee Ballet and have been working since.

Will this be you? Is this even your goal? Probably not. But I want to teach you to be more confident as a moving, dare I say, DANCING actor!

Join me in my Monday classes at Ballet and Body on the Upper East Side, 2 blocks from the Q express train, where actors receive an industry discount of $18.

Beg Ballet Barre- 6-7:15pm (focuses on barre working, stretching and some movement across the floor)

Beg Ballet- 7:30-8:45pm

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