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At the age of 18, after finding a newfound love for musical theater, I dropped my childhood passion of instrumental music and decided to become a dancer. Transforming myself into a dancer through college, I landed my first job before graduation in Milwaukee Ballet II. I've continued to become a successful storyteller through song and dance, telling stories through movement in America's top musical theater houses, including performing alongside the Rockette's in New York City's longest-standing theatre tradition, the Radio City Christmas Spectacular.  Currently, I'm making my off-Broadway acting debut in Fidler afn Dakh, the Yiddish adaptation of Fiddler on the Roof directed by Academy Award, Tony Award, and Emmy Award winner, Joel Grey.

Performing a rigorous 16-show week at Radio City pushed me to the limits and eventually taught me how much more I was able to push myself. As I actively perform throughout the year, I continue to teach ballet and jazz to young, aspiring professionals, using the methods and experience that got me to where I am today and work as a contributing writer for Dance Teacher Magazine Online and OperaWire.com


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