Not Your Boston Tea Party

As quickly as I arrived back to NYC after the closing of my show in Houston, I left and made my first trip to one of America’s most historic cities, Boston.

Staying at one of Boston’s finer hotel’s, Le Meridien, offers free access to the MIT Museum across the street.

How to officially check into a hotel @jmstevko

The announcement of our complimentary pass to the museum garnered little enthusiasm on my behalf, but turned out to be worth it to learn about the last centuries' greatest technological advancements paired alongside other odd experiments and works of art. On the surface they, seem utterly useless, though I’m sure their creation was an important step in the discovery of new possibilities. A reminder that one must love the process, because it's about the journey, not the destination. 

Hologram of Rosemary H. Jackson, the founder of The Museum of Holography @jmstevko
Arthur Ganson's sculpture at the MIT Museum in Boston @jmstevko
Another Arthur Ganson sculpture, name unknown @jmstevko
Arthur Ganson's "Machine with Wishbone" at the MIT Museum in Boston @jmstevko

View all of Arthur Ganson's Kinetic Sculptures on his website