A Second Chance

It’s not often we get a second chance at anything, especially in live theatre. Now that the cast of “Yiddish Fiddler” has relived opening night with our 2019 opening uptown in a larger off-Broadway theater, I can’t help but feel grateful for this unsuspected long and fruitful journey of a ‘summer gig’.

This is a first for me, opening a show for the second time. We’ve moved from our perfectly quaint space on the horizons of Manhattan with views of Lady Liberty and made the trek up to 42nd St. with a bigger house, a bigger stage and bigger traffic. 1 seat away from being a Broadway house.

This Yiddish show has fulfilled so many dreams: my first principal acting role, my first production in a foreign language (always a dream of mine), recording a cast album and original Slavic, Jerome Robbins choreography.

Here are some pictures from our second opening night.

More to come. Also, stay tuned for our album. The producers have let us listen in on some tracks and it’s pure, original cast perfection!